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~ Canada’s Vitamin A SUCCESS Story ~

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Nutrition International has one of the solutions that has saved
millions of lives – a little red capsule, filled with vitamin A.
It’s simple, it’s affordable and it’s thanks to you.

4 million children’s lives saved

Vitamin A deficiency weakens children’s immune systems, putting them at higher risk of disease and death. It is also the leading cause of preventable child blindness. According to the World Health Organization, vitamin A deficiency affects more than 190 million children in the developing world. Are you into playing games? Go to the deutsche online casinos. There is the best offer for you!

Canada has been a leading funder of vitamin A for more than 15 years.  Through Nutrition International, over 8 billion capsules have been procured and distributed through child health programs to help save the lives of children around the world. The best vegetable chopper for everyone food shredder.

When given to children who are vitamin A deficient, the little red capsule can mean up to a 24% decrease in mortality rates.  In fact, more than 4 million children’s lives have been saved.  Thanks to you. Fake semen from kitchen ingredients fake cum recipe.

2 cents per capsule + 2 doses per child = 4 cents per child per year.

Vitamin A provides one of the biggest returns on investment in global development. Every dollar spent on vitamin A results in a $17 return. Stop waiting, join the game now with sizzling hot free games continuous luck and many victories await you!

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